The Communications team informs members of events and resources through various announcements. Responsible for outreach and retention of new members. Monitors internal communication to support a professional and positive environment where everyone can grow. 


Our duties are planning fundraising events ranging from selling spirit wear to partnering up with a local business for fundraising events. The Finance team is also in charge of updating the CSUN SFA Podcast where professionals are invited to jump on an episode and share experiences and skills.

Our duties revolve around bringing the fun to SFA they oversee planning the social events and community outreach events. This gives the members a chance to connect with each other socially outside of all the professional opportunities SFA has to offer.

Community Engagement

Our team is in charge of marketing all the wonderful aspects that make SFA the best club at CSUN. Together, with this team, we prepare students for any industry they may go into with valuable marketing skills. These skills include designing club logos, flyers, updating social media platforms, and formatting club photos for various club activities.

The Executive Advisors assist CSUN SFA members by hosting a variety of networking events that allow members to develop impactful relationships with club alumni working in finance. Executive Advisor maintains the relationship between SFA members and alumni and facilitates member career exploration and preparedness.

Executive Advisors

Our duties include creating, organizing, and facilitating valuable connections between students and industry professionals through in-person and online meetings. During said meetings, a multitude of experiences and information is shared, better preparing the next generation of academics for what the real job market entails!

Professional Events

Our duties are to invites professionals from the finance industry for panel discussion events. This provides the opportunities for our members to gain experiences from these professional and connecting with these professionals as well. 

Student Development

The Student Development team creates workshops to strengthen specific technical skills, teammates strive towards preparing current students for any characteristics that are desired by popular companies.


Treasury ensures member authentication. Responsibilities of  treasury also include tracking revenues and expenses, collecting receipts, picking up and distributing reimbursement checks.